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Epic Stormchasing Portraits - Igniting a conversation on Cowspiracy & Climate Change

Epic Stormchasing Portraits - Igniting a conversation on Cowspiracy & Climate Change

Read more on how this was done: http://www.vonwong.com/blog/stormchasing/ Learn more about Cowspiracy and what you can do to change the world: ...

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Storm Chasing Oklahoma May 31, 2013 'Widest Tornado In History'

A brief description until I can work up a better one; this is the day that these storms took the lives of several famous national television 'storm chasers' that are on ...

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Storm Chasers S02E01 HDTV XviD Tornado Intercept Tank


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Storm season preparation with the different cameras I use videoing and photographing storms, tornadoes and lightning. Depending on what the storm is doing ...

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Stormchasing William Owens

Take your audience by storm with this riveting work for beginning bands! With the mysterious and slow introduction and powerful allegro section, Stormchasing ...

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Storm chasers risk their lives to go inside the eye of Hurricane Irma

Men and women gamble big by entering the eye of the storm to collect important data to better understand these massive hurricanes.

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LIVE Kansas/Oklahoma High Risk Storm Chase - Team Haxby - 5/18/2017

Live weather news video. There is a high risk of severe weather in Kansas and Oklahoma area today. SPC has issued a rare high risk severe weather outlook.

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Readings From Inside of a Tornado

The storm chasers finally intercept a twister and take important readings from within the tornado. (From Discovery Channel's \

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Storm Chaser Battles Hurricane Irma’s Powerful Winds | NBC News

Simon Brewer, a storm chaser, tries to gather data about Hurricane Irma and in doing so, witnesses the power of the storm. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...

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Storm Chase & Spotting Dimmitt Texas Tornado 14 April, 2017

A rain wrapped wedge tornado persisted for hours on a historic and unexpected tornado event in North West Texas.

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April 14, 2017 • Dimmitt, Texas Tornadoes (FULL VERSION!)

Texas Storm Chasers's David Reimer and Paige Burress headed out to West Texas to document large hail (which they did very efficiently in the first clip of this ...

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5/16/2017 Southwest Kansas Storm Chase

We roam Tornado Alley in search of the most extreme weather on the planet. www.foreverchasing.com Twitter: @foreverchasin Instagram: foreverchasing__ ...

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What Is It Like to Go on a Storm Chase Tour?

For those of you wondering what a storm chase is like, here is an example from April 17th. This all happened in the 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. time frame, very typical for ...

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How to Be a Storm Chaser

Watch more Hurricanes & Storms videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/424643-How-to-Be-a-Storm-Chaser Don't feel like hiding out in the cellar?

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Storm Chase November 17 2012 QLD Australia - INCREDIBLE Oakey/Goombungee Supercell

Probably the most intense supercell I've ever witnessed. Crazy rotation, funnels, 8cm hail and VERY frequent lightning were a feature with this storm.

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Storm Chasers get caught in wind driven hail, shelter Antelope Calf

Storm Chasers Matt Hanvold and Brendan Lawrence of Big Sky Weather get caught by up to baseball size hail being driven by severe winds and end up ...

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2016 Tornado Season: Episode 2

The second instalment of a tornado alley tour with Chris Chittick and Greg Johnson of Tornado Hunters, a series on CMT in Canada. We drive through the high ...

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Bennington Tornado - EF4 Wedge, Storm Chase & Spotting - Kansas 28 May, 2013

Storm chaser & Spotter, Daniel Shaw intercepts a tornado in Kansas. For more information see www.severestorms.com.au.

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4/24/2016 Central Kansas Storm Chase LIVE

Live Track: http://goo.gl/eoGVBW See all streams LIVE and recorded: http://liveweather.tv SCV stringer Eric Treece is LIVE now on developing severe weather ...

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Storm Chase & Spotting - Intercepting rain wrapped tornado near Roy, Montana, 10 June, 2016

Very large hail and a hidden tornado embedded within a rain core struck near the intersection of Highway US181 & MT19 in Montana, near the town of Roy.

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Storm Chasers- Kirksville Tornado Intercept 5/13/09

For more, visit http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/storm-chasers/#mkcpgn=ytdsc1 With heavy rains obscuring their view, Reed, Chris and the Dominator plunge right into ...

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Storm Chase & Spotting - Rozel Tornado, Kansas 18th May 2013

Storm chaser & storm spotter, Daniel Shaw intercepts an EF4 tornado in Kansas. For more information see www.severestorms.com.au.

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Tornado Strikes Illinois February 28, 2017

Dust and debris fill the air as an EF3 tornado develops near Washburn, IL and races off to the northeast. This is a sequence of shots from a storm chase in ...

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Chasing tornadoes with storm chaser Tim Samaras

http://www.TFLcar.com ) Insider Interview with storm chaser Tim Samaras---what kind of a vehicle do you need to be able to withstand a direct ht from a Tornado ...

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The 7-Year-Old Storm Chaser

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj Whilst most seven-year-olds are addicted to gaming, this young boy prefers to chase America's wildest weather.

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Storm Spotting Secrets

This videos covers topics on using the visual cues of supercell structure to anticipate if and where tornadoes will form. This presentation was put together for the ...

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Storm Chaser Captures UNBELIEVABLE Images As Irma Makes Landfall

In this day and age, it's not unusual that some of the most jaw-dropping images and clips of catastrophic Hurricane Irma have surfaced on social media. Serene ...

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Dominator and TIV - Storm Chase Vehicle Wind Test

A behind the scenes clip of the Dominator and TIV wind test. As seen on the Mythbusters episode on Oct 13, 2010 titles \

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Storm Chasers S02E05 HDTV XviD Road Hazards


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Titus The Ultimate Storm Chasing Vehicle Grym | Documentary film

Titus The Ultimate Storm Chasing Vehicle Grym | Documentary film.

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Storm Chasing 101

The timelapses and photos in this video were shot throughout the 2015 storm season from Texas up into Canada. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy it.

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Storm Chasing May 18 2017 and it did not end well

Brandon Green and Frank Blanscet go storm chasing in eastern Texas panhandle and western Oklahoma.

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TORNADOES OF 2015 - Storm Chasing Madness in May

Short documentary featuring several tornado outbreaks in May 2015. More tornadoes touchdown in May than in any other month. This May in the US, tornadoes ...

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